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Shreveport, LA 5/29/2012 Ascend Education announced today that Sanders Elementary School, Sanders, AZ, Nolan Middle School, Bradenton, FL, and Fort Stockton High School, Fort Stockton TX were selected to receive the 2013 Ascend Math Gold Medal.
The Gold Medal Award was established in 2010 to honor the school or district that best demonstrates a dedication to ensuring that all students become successful at math. The Gold Medal nominees all used Ascend Math as their math intervention solution to assist struggling students. The three judges looked at the challenges each nominee faced and the results they achieved to arrive at their decision.
“The decision was particularly challenging this year,” said Kevin Briley, CEO of Ascend Education. “All twenty nominees reported remarkable progress in helping students fill math skill gaps, get back on grade level, and in many cases accelerate beyond grade level. For the first time ever, three schools were selected to receive the award.”
Sanders Elementary serves a 98% Native American student population. Last year, the school went from a “D” grade to a “C” and increased their state math scores from a 27 percent to a 40 percent passing rate. This year, their goal is to move every student to confidence on grade level.
This is the second time Nolan Middle School has received a Gold Medal nomination for their consistently remarkable results. Students who are well below grade level use Ascend Math in school, after school, and at home. So far, 17 out of 90 struggling students are back at grade level with many more close to their goal having gained 3-5 grade levels this year.
The student population of Fort Stockton High School is 86% Hispanic, 50% At Risk and 58% economically disadvantaged. Students identified as at risk of failing math spent a total of 4,132 hours in their focused RTI program which includes Ascend Math. As a result, 58% of these students grew one level or more and 27% achieved 2 or more levels.
Each Gold Medal Award recipient will receive a special reception in their honor to be announced at a later date.
The Honor Roll of all nominees can be viewed at

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