Districts and schools can pair Netchemia’s TalentEd Perform with the Stronge Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System in Web-based platform to improve teacher and leader effectiveness and student outcomes.

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. (June 5, 2013) — Netchemia, the leading provider of cloud-based talent management software specifically developed for K-12 school districts and institutions, has partnered with Stronge and Associates Educational Consulting to offer a comprehensive, research-based performance evaluation system for K-12 districts and institutions.

The partnership allows Netchemia to pair its TalentEd Perform cloud-based K-12 teacher evaluation software with the Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System to provide a uniform evaluation system for teachers, educational specialists, principals, district-level administrators, and superintendents, united by the shared goal of ensuring positive student achievement.

With the pairing, schools and districts can use tablets, such as iPad, and mobile devices to complete evaluation steps on the spot; manage and automate all teacher, educational specialist, and administrator evaluations within one system; incorporate student growth data; integrate with current HRMS to eliminate redundant tasks; and access easy-to-use reporting tools and analytics on demand.

“We are excited to partner with Netchemia in providing clear, simple, easy-to-use evaluation systems that are solidly research-based and extensively field tested,” said James Stronge, President of S&A. “The practical tools for implementing a quality teacher and leader performance evaluation system will be readily available through Netchemia’s electronic platform. Additionally, we will provide comprehensive evaluation handbooks, implementation materials, and state-of-the-art professional development programs to support successful implementation in schools and school districts.”

The Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System, which is aligned with InTASC and ISLLC standards, provides districts and institutions with a simplified set of research-based performance standards and diagnostic profiles of evaluatees. Furthermore, the system is professional growth- and accountability-oriented, with multiple data sources and includes measures of student progress.

Like the easy-to-use technology of TalentEd Perform, the Stronge Evaluation System is fully customizable to district and state requirements.

“The Stronge Framework has been widely adopted because it’s made up of simple, easy-to-digest research-based performance standards for principals, other evaluators and teachers,” said Graham Forman, Netchemia’s Vice President of Business Development. ”TalentEd Perform has expanded throughout the country for many of the same reasons. It is evaluation technology that is customizable, easy to use and responsive to the specific needs of each district or institution.”

About Netchemia and TalentEd

Netchemia is a leading provider of cloud-based talent management software specifically developed for K-12 educational organizations. We believe that by providing school districts with intuitive software to recruit, hire, develop and retain the best teachers and school leaders, we can help them dramatically affect student achievement.

Netchemia’s TalentEd K-12 Strategic Talent Management Suite delivers simple, innovative and affordable management solutions for applicant tracking and hiring (TalentEd Recruit & Hire) and performance evaluation (TalentEd Perform) to more than 1,100 educational organizations across the nation. TalentEd frees school leaders to focus on what’s important – finding and developing the best teachers and staff and helping them grow. To learn more, visit www.netchemia.com.

About Stronge and Associates Educational Consulting, LLC
Stronge and Associates Educational Consulting, LLC, specializes in researching, developing, and supporting the design and application of teacher, leader, and educational specialist evaluation systems. Additionally, they work extensively on the related issues of teacher and leader effectiveness, and consult with educational organizations throughout the world. The members of the Stronge and Associates team have conducted extensive training over the past 15-plus years dealing with all aspects of teacher and leader evaluation systems.
The Stronge Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System is used in American International Schools as well as numerous states, regional organizations, and in some of the largest school districts in the United States. The system is unique in that it provides a balance between structure and flexibility. It is prescriptive in that it defines common purposes and expectations, thereby guiding effective instructional and leadership practice. At the same time, it provides flexibility, thereby allowing for creativity and individual educator initiative. The goal is to support the continuous growth and development of each educator by monitoring, analyzing, and applying pertinent data compiled within a system of meaningful feedback. The Stronge framework is based on the extant research of the qualities of effective teachers and school leaders which includes meta-reviews, case studies, cross-case comparisons, surveys, ex-post facto designs, hierarchical linear modeling, and value-added studies. The research base surrounding the model is laid out in several books, including Qualities of Effective Teachers, 2nd ed. (Stronge, 2007, ASCD), Qualities of Effective Principals (Stronge, Richard, & Catano, 2008, ASCD), and Principal Evaluation (Stronge, Xu, Leeper, & Tonneson, 2013, ASCD). Please visit our website at www.strongeandassociates.com for more information.


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