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• New builder’s guide for TETRIX® Building System offers 166 more pages of instruction than the original user guide.
• Teacher’s guide helps educators incorporate simple machines learning into robotics.

PITTSBURG, KS (May 28, 2013) – Pitsco Education’s TETRIX® Building System is getting a boost with the release of the TETRIX Builder’s Guide and A Teacher’s Guide to Integrating Simple Machines in Robotics. The original 24-page TETRIX user guide was primarily intended for robot competition teams. As more teachers started to use the system in the classroom, Pitsco wanted to improve the user experience and replaced the user guide with the TETRIX Builder’s Guide.

Loaded with images, the 190-page TETRIX Builder’s Guide includes three basic robot build instructions as well as extensions for Arm and Gripper, Harvester and Transporter, and Dispenser robots. It also provides challenges and numerous resources. The new guide is included in several TETRIX sets, but anyone who has already purchased a set can view the guide online for free at

A Teacher’s Guide to Integrating Simple Machines in Robotics provides educators the know-how to teach simple machines and how they are used in robotics design. Matt Seimears, assistant education professor at Emporia State University in Kansas, wrote the guide and brought to it his experience from helping to design Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue, a SkillsUSA demonstration event in technology. The 61-page book covers simple machines information, graphic organizers, problem-solving activities, assessment tools, and more. The color guide is available at for $24.95.

“The creation of the TETRIX Builder’s Guide ensures that we are giving both educators and students the basic groundwork so they are successful in the classroom with TETRIX. When a student opens the TETRIX kit of parts, we do not want them to feel overwhelmed. We want to define a starting point and walk them through building a robot successfully,” said Tony Allen, international business development manager for Pitsco.

“I truly believe that when a student or teacher now opens a TETRIX kit, they will have all the tools needed to be successful with TETRIX. Also, supplying activities and challenges gets the students’ ingenuity flowing and encourages them to learn more about robotics and engineering,” said Tony Allen, international business development manager for Pitsco.

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