Chung, a key contributor in educational publishing, joins JES & Co. to build the ASN into the worldwide source of open access machine-readable standards

JES & Co. is excited to announce the appointment of Chris Chung as the new Achievement Standards Network (ASN) Director. JES & Co., a leader in research and deployment of open standards, welcomes Mr. Chung to the team as they expand the ASN to meet the needs of educators and publishers across the globe.

Mr. Chung is no stranger to standards. His extensive work with educational learning outcomes includes leadership in prominent standards organizations like IMS, NIMAS, COSN, SIAA, SIFA and others. He was a co-chair for the IMS K-12 Working Group, served on the IMS Technical Advisory Board, and served as a board member for NIMAS. These experiences have prepared Mr. Chung for the challenges of building the ASN into an essential component of personalized and adaptive education.

“I welcome this exciting opportunity to join JES & Co. at a time when the K-12 industry is focused on individualized learning. The Achievement Standards Network (ASN) is well positioned to help drive this change and the timing is right for me to bring together those companies that want a jump start in sales through interoperability,” says Mr. Chung. “With the addition of the Common Core State Standards (including the states’ variations) JES & Co.’s ASN framework is perfectly suited to address the challenges faced by companies and school districts implementing technology-based solutions.” Mr. Chung also notes that “I have spent years working on interoperability standards for the education market and am prepared to be an integral part of the JES & Co. team, directly making the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s investment successful.”

“I have to say that the JES & Co. team was unanimously excited when Chris accepted the director position. JES & Co. and specifically the ASN has been well known and supported by research development and now, through the generous grant from the Gates Foundation, we are able to hire Chris to lead the expansion and deployment of the ASN,” adds JES & Co.’s Executive Director, Diny Golder. “There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Chris was who we needed to lead the effort. I have known Chris for several years and knew that he had the skills necessary for the job and will take the load off my shoulders!”

Mr. Chung joins the JES & Co. team from Harcourt (HMH), where he has represented the company to K-12 standards organizations since 2006. While at HMH, Mr. Chung drove the adoption of Student Data Integration Standards and Interoperability Standards within the company and formed partnerships with K-12 vendors. Understanding the ins and outs of standards adoption is an essential skill for successfully guiding the ASN, and Mr. Chung is ready for the challenge.

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The Achievement Standards Network (ASN) is an open specification for the representation of educational expectations in the form of competencies and learning outcomes. The ASN specification provides for: (1) the text of an educational expectation; (2) rich metadata describing that expectation and its context; and (3) a description of relationships between the expectation being described and other related expectations. The ASN specification provides both a resolution service that returns machine-readable text and associated metadata and Web Services that ease the network distribution of the achievement standards data. Visit the ASN at:

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