Utah, June 5, 2013 — Game designer Tom Beatty and his daughter were facing one of childhood’s most daunting education problems. Multiplication tables. It was out of this struggle against rote memorization and black and white number sheets that the idea for Monster Mutants Multiplication was born.

“My wife had noticed that my daughter would play games where you had creatures to take care of and my daughter could remember all these details about the game,” said Beatty. “But despite being able to remember all these details, she couldn’t remember her multiplication tables. So we thought that a visual approach would be a lot more effective for her.”

To tackle the challenge, Beatty went to what he did best for a solution: game design.“Remember back when you were studying the multiplication tables? It is a painful, tedious thing, and it is for every child. I’m hoping that my game will help make it easier and more fun for everyone,” said Beatty.

Monster Mutants Multiplication takes the challenge of memorizing the multiplication tables and provides visual learning elements to make the task easier for kids, especially those with visual learning styles. “One of the things that makes Monster Mutants different is the fact that the numbers and solutions are all associated with unique monsters,” said Beatty. “The colors of each monster is associated with the numbers on the number pad, so it makes it easier to remember.”

Beatty has moved Monster Mutants Multiplication to Kickstarter to raise funding for improving multiple areas of the game and to make it available to other families. While developing Monster Mutants, his passion for educational game design grew and he hopes to make a positive difference for families with his games. “I’m hoping that Monster Mutants Multiplication is just the beginning. If this gets funded and we get a good response from it, I’d like to do a whole series of Monster Mutants education games that help kids learn things they have difficulty with,” said Beatty.

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Tom Beatty is the owner of The Dimensions Edge, Inc. a rich media development company that specializes in designing and creating online games, mobile apps and interactive media projects.

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