While video/audio plays in background students can simultaneously read-along, see examples, take notes, complete practice activities assigned by teachers

New York – June 10, 2013 – Net Texts, developed to make iPads, tablets, Android devices, and the PC more useful education devices in the classroom, has now added the Net Texts Reader. With Net Texts Reader, students can open an instructional audio or video item in a corner of their screen to enhance the course work assigned to them by teachers through the Net Texts OER (open education resources) system.

Net Texts Reader makes it possible for teachers and students to realize the full potential of what technology and OER bring to the classroom. With the Reader students can read a PDF version of an out of copyright book from Project Gutenberg while listening to an audio recording of that same book from LibriVox. Or they can watch a Khan Academy video while taking an interactive assessment on the Khan Academy website, or looking at a CK-12 flexbook on the same topic.

“In short, the Net Text Reader feature allows teachers and students to combine a variety of media and approaches to ensure maximum comprehension,” said Mike Messner, co-founder of Net Texts.

For example, while looking at their notes, students can access a video that demonstrates the steps for an algebraic formula covered that day in class. Foreign language students can read a text in their first language while watching a video clip recorded in their second language, or vice versa. Students can elect to pause and play the audio recording, fast forward, rewind or bring video footage to full-screen mode.

The Net Texts Reader also includes a growing list of the most popular and greatest historical titles in literature with the works of 100 authors such as Lewis Carroll, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Robert Frost and William Shakespeare. While more than just ‘books on tape,’ the Net Texts Reader literature collections include both printed text and audio versions of books so students can read along or listen, to meet their unique learning style.

“While it’s just one of the many features of the Net Texts Reader, reading text while hearing stories read aloud is a powerful motivator for students of all ages,” said Messner. “One study of middle school students showed that when they are read aloud to, motivation, interest, and engagement are often enhanced. And a 1984 study by Dr. Thomas G. Sticht showed that children can understand books that are too hard to decode themselves if those books are read aloud.”

The Net Texts system is a powerful, free, web-based teaching aid for the classroom that provides teachers access to a vast library of innovative and creative open educational resources (OER) collections of high quality content, which they can then manage and combine with their own resources to create, publish and deliver robust lessons directly to students’ iPads, Android tablets, or computers.

Using an intuitive interface, teachers can find, build and customize multimedia courses from Net Texts’ rich, mix-and-match library of more than 21,000 free OER materials from trusted providers like Curriki, Khan Academy, and some of the world’s top colleges and universities. Complete lessons, units and courses are available in a host of subjects ranging from British and American Literature to Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, and U.S. and World History. And, because the content is stored locally on the devices, there is no need for students to have Wi-Fi access in order to view and complete their assignments.

For more information about Net Texts visit www.net-texts.com.
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