June 11 Session at UBTech on Movement, Mobility and Learning and June 27 Webinar on Common Spaces and Learning Commons; Both Led By Tim Springer, HERO, Inc.

CHICAGO — June 10, 2013 — This month, Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.®, a United States manufacturer of technology-enabled furniture for agile learning and business environments, is hosting two speaking events that focus on creating effective learning spaces in education environments.

The first session, “Movement, Mobility and Learning: The Link Between Minds, Bodies and Space,” will be held on Tuesday, June 11 at 4:30 p.m. E.T. during UBTech 2013 in Orlando, Fla. The second is a webinar about agile learning named, “Common Spaces and Learning Commons in Higher Education” scheduled on Wednesday, June 27 at 2:00 p.m. E.T. Both engagements will be led by Tim Springer, founder of HERO, Inc. The webinar will feature input from an expert panel that includes Angela Lord, Registered Architect with Design and Construction Services and a Classroom Program Manager for North Carolina State University.

“Higher education is leading the charge toward more social, dynamic learning spaces that are powered, integrated and comfortable to help keep students and faculty connected,” explained Cindy Weinschreider, director of marketing communications for Bretford Manufacturing, Inc., “Our goal is to help educators stay ahead of the curve with information about new teaching methods and technologies in and out of the classroom to help make colleges and universities a better place today for the leaders of tomorrow. The UBTech presentation discusses the importance of movement for the mind and body in the learning environment, while the webinar investigates how to plan and create common spaces for this type of learning. Educators, architects and designers will benefit from the research and examples in these sessions.”

“Movement, Mobility and Learning: The Link Between Minds, Bodies and Space” explores the link between the cognitive and physical aspects of effective learning. This session presents a case for rethinking the design of learning spaces to support the increased mobility of smart, personal technologies as a tool to improve learning. Attendees will gain awareness of the mind-body link as a critical element to learning. This webinar will also include discussion about research that illustrates the importance of incorporating motion in learning.

“Common Spaces and Learning Commons in Higher Education” discusses how colleges and universities physically embody and support the community they serve. It focuses on the barriers and opportunities to use physical space to build and support learning communities on campus and the importance of institution-wide planning and development of a learning commons. The session includes examples of how some institutions are using common spaces to facilitate active, independent and interactive learning.

About the Bretford Learning Commons
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