Award-winning, educator-developed platform supports teachers in “unpacking” Common Core State Standards, meeting rigor of standards head on

Encino, CA (June 13, 2013)- Insight Education Group, K-12 education’s partner in connecting teacher effectiveness and the Common Core, is thrilled to announce its flagship Common Core solution, myCore, which offers teachers on-demand support in creating rigorous, engaging, standards-aligned lessons. “Conversations” between teacher and instructional coach are stored in a Facebook-type mail system so they can be easily tracked and reviewed as needed. myCore is a cloud-based tool that supports educators in the design of Common Core based lessons.

Since 2002, Insight Education Group has partnered with schools and districts across the country to develop and implement instructional initiatives aimed at strengthening leadership, increasing teacher effectiveness and improving academic performance. Insight worked with a “think tank” comprised of educators from Baltimore City Schools to develop and fine-tune its flagship solution, myCore. Taking into account the feedback from these educators, myCore has been packed with features like the ability to analyze standards with Bloom’s taxonomy through a color-coding tool as well as a built-in coaching tool to meet teachers when and where they need extra support.

Insight Education Group CEO Dr. Michael Moody comments, “It has been Insight’s mission since 2002 to provide educators with top quality professional development that promotes teacher effectiveness. myCore was developed to provide teachers with coaching and support when they need it, even if a coach is not present..” He continues, “Educators across the country are working hard to meet the rigor of the Common Core and so it was important for us to create a tool that supported teachers and school leaders in the instructional design process.”

In addition to the coaching function now available, myCore will offer its users Common-Core aligned sample lessons in both ELA and Math, with plans to offer a full year of units and lessons for grades K-6 by the upcoming school year. These lessons are designed to provide students with opportunities to engage in close reading of texts, making connections within and across disciplines and provide engaging activities that require the application of knowledge for real purposes.

Dr. Moody adds, “myCore was created based on educator feedback, so educators will find an extremely user-friendly, intuitive interface each time they log in.”

Requiring minimal time and effort from districts to implement this cloud-based solution, districts are flocking to Insight Education to be the first to see some of these new functionalities.

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Insight Education Group (Insight) is K-12 education’s partner in connecting teacher effectiveness with the Common Core. Insight provides professional development and strategic consultation to educational systems. Since 2002, the company has partnered with districts and schools across the country to develop and implement instructional initiatives aimed at strengthening school leadership, increasing teacher effectiveness, and improving student academic achievement. Learn more at:

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