Ranch Academy Superintendent finds a fit for its unique needs in observe4success

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – June 13, 2013 – observe4success, a leading provider of easy-to-use, classroom observation and walkthrough software is pleased to announce The Ranch Academy has chosen its platform for their two campuses. The Ranch Academy’s Superintendent, Melissa Pardue, needed a customizable observation solution to meet the unique needs of their campuses in Tyler and Canton Texas where teacher support and collaboration are top priorities.

In rural East Texas, students have limited options when it comes to school choice. However, The Ranch Academy, whose motto is “work hard and be nice”, provides a unique and flexible atmosphere for students looking to recover credit, avoid bullying, and work at their own pace. Approximately 95% of the students attending The Ranch Academy are considered at-risk and require individualized, self-pace instruction.

“In our unique setting, most one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit our needs.” Superintendent Pardue explains, “We seek out tools that are flexible and customizable. Our belief is that the observation process should be positive and collaborative, and observe4success facilitates that.” She continues, “The self-pace curriculum at The Ranch Academy means that none of our 150 plus students are at the same place at the same time, which poses an additional set of challenges for our teachers as this does not allow them to follow a typical lesson planning cycle. We needed an observation tool that could keep up with individual teachers and are excited to have found observe4success.”

At The Ranch Academy, very rarely do you see classes beginning at the same point, getting instruction together, moving to guided practice, practicing alone, doing homework, and turning it in. Rather, classes are structured with many levels of one content area, for example Pre-Algebra through Algebra, all in one classroom of 3 to 10 students. Teachers instruct in small groups or with one-to-one tutoring, and rely on students to be engaged in and take responsibility for their learning. This makes using traditional teacher observation rubrics tough.

Erin Antonius, observe4success’ Director of Sales and Product Strategy says, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support the exciting work The Ranch Academy does in rural Texas. They offer a crucial option to students that may otherwise have nowhere to continue their education. Their focus on personalizing each learning experience and meeting students where they are academically is something that observe4success is so proud to support.”
observe4success allows The Ranch Academy to add quick, customized walkthroughs to their routine, and meets their longer observation requirements. They look forward to using focused forms, as well as seeing trends develop as they gather data over time.

The award-winning classroom walkthrough software from observe4success offers users a robust but simplified process, bringing together the benefits of technology, research-based content, fully customizable observation forms, and graphic reports. Educators and administrators alike have the clearest means of supporting and improving the teaching process and classroom culture.

For more about Ranch Academy, please visit: http://www.ranchacademy.esc7.net/

To learn more about observe4success or to schedule a demonstration please visit: http://www.observe4success.com

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observe4success is a powerful, web-based tool administrators use to observe, encourage, and sustain effective instructional practice and classroom culture in school communities. observe4success combines the newest technology, look-fors and rubrics that are easy to understand, and concise graphic reports to support and assist teachers as both administrators and teachers study and improve the craft of teaching.

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