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California Student Media Festival Celebrates Student Creativity

Walnut Creek, CA., June 14, 2013 – Computer-Using Educators, Inc. (CUE), in conjunction with PBS SoCal, is hosting the 47th annual California Student Media Festival this Saturday. The festival, the nation’s oldest, is dedicated to honoring student achievement and highlighting student creativity through media.

This year’s recipients will be featured from 9am – 12pm on June 15, 2013 at TCL Chinese Theater, formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theater, in Hollywood. While it is free to attend, the event is now “sold out” due to high interest. A waiting list is available.

“Media is among the most powerful learning tools, and the Festival provides a way to showcase learning in a fun and engaging way,“ said Mike Lawrence, the Festival’s Director.

Hall Davidson, the Festival’s emcee and former Director shared, “Every student knows that

somehow, somewhere, deep inside, he or she is a star. Students just need help discovering the moment. By tying the festival experience to learning, the festival makes the curriculum a path toward recognizing that inner stardom. The process works—and kids will work hard to be part of it.”

PBS SoCal will be capturing the highlights of the festival to produce a one-hour special to air on September 5 at 7pm.

For a list of winners and for more information on the Festival, check out

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About California Student Media Festival

The Festival strongly encourages project-based learning and meaningful student creations in media and multimedia and exists to acknowledge and reward successful classroom work.

The Festival believes that

students are capable of extremely high level work, beginning at very early grades

media and multimedia are excellent tools for students

video and multimedia should be integrated into the regular subject-area curriculum

rewarding exemplary work and good school programs encourages more of both. |

About CUE

Ed Tech Professional Development is at the core of CUE’s work. We are passionate believers in advancing student achievement through technology. By providing Ed Tech professional development to schools, districts, and local educators on the infusion of emerging technologies, we can help better prepare students for college and careers ahead. |

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