Thirteen Michigan School Districts Choose Powerful Assessment and Reporting Tools to Raise Achievement

Schoolnet for PowerSchool Integrates with Existing Platform
To Support 16,000 Students

Berrien County, Michigan – June 13, 2013 – Today Michigan’s Berrien Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) announced that 13 school districts will implement Pearson’s Schoolnet for PowerSchool as their new web-based Instructional Management System (IMS). These districts already rely on PowerSchool to manage student information such as attendance, scheduling, and transcripts. By adding Schoolnet for PowerSchool, the districts’ more than 1,000 educators will gain tools for in-depth reporting and analytics, lesson planning, and a completeassessment platform to perform formative assessments during the “in-between” standardized test time.

After competitor evaluations, the districts selected Schoolnet for PowerSchool based on robust functionality, intuitive user interface, but most importantly, integration with their existing system, PowerSchool. The combined programs will support the region’s over 16,000 students, increasing the flow of information between schools, staff, parents, and children.

“Every year our schools are being challenged to be more thorough in identifying achievement gaps, which is why we selected Schoolnet for PowerSchool,” said Kevin Clark, Berrien RESA Director of Technology Services. “The reporting options let us easily pinpoint strengths and potential deficiencies and really were a step above the rest.We’re looking forward using to the relevant and actionable information to improve instruction.”

“We’re pleased to be able to offer important tools for instructional improvement, especially to our existing PowerSchoolcustomers,” said Mark Chernis, Chief Operating Officer of Pearson’s K-12 Technology Group. “Educators tell us time and again that they want to spend less time moving between disparate technology systems, and more time making a difference for students. That’s why we’ve combined the tools from Schoolnet and PowerSchool, to make it easier to do it all from one system. We’re looking forward to working with the Berrien RESA school districts and watching themgrow.”

Clark added, “I also appreciate the ability to share resources, lesson plans and assessments across grade levels, schools and districts. This ability is a great way to highlight best practices so we can hopefully realize similar results across the districts, in addition to saving teachers time.”

Berrien RESA districts expect to complete the product implementation in the fall of 2013.

About Michigan’s Berrien Regional Education Service Agency (RESA)
Michigan’s Berrien Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) is an education service agency serving 26,000 students in Berrien County, Michigan, including 16 public school districts, 20 parochial schools, and four public school academies. RESA’s are service agencies that offer support services to school personnel that are best delivered regionally, as measured by cost, size and quality advantages. Berrien RESA is an autonomous, tax-supported public school district governed by Michigan general school laws. For more information, visit

About Schoolnet for PowerSchool
Schoolnet for PowerSchool brings together two award-winning products to offer easy toimplement tools that unify student management and instructional improvementactivities. Now in one platform, districts can turn instructional planning,assessment, analytics and adaptation into a smooth cycle of continuous improvement. Together, PowerSchool and Schoolnet support over 15 million students combined. For more information, visit

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