Gravic, Inc. is excited to attend the ISTE conference in San Antonio in June 2013. Please stop by our booth #10299 to see our streamlined test grading solution that saves educators time and money when grading tests, assessments and quizzes. Remark Test Grading Edition is built on the market leading framework of Remark Office OMR. For over 20 years, Remark Office OMR has allowed schools to print their own answer sheets on plain paper and use image scanners or multi-function printers (MFP) to scan their tests, surveys and other forms. Remark Test Grading Edition simplifies the test grading process to its core. This streamlined test grading software walks educators through the steps for printing, scanning and grading test forms. Remark Test Grading Edition frees schools from the burden and cost of expensive pre-printed forms and dedicated scanning machines.

The software contains a variety of standard test answer sheets with multiple choice questions in various quantities and answer schemas. You print these standard forms on plain-paper so you can avoid expensive pre-printed forms on special paper. The software stores teacher, class, test and student information and embeds this information on your answer sheets for easy identification. Include subjective points for essays and other write-in questions.
You can turn any image scanner or MFP into a test grading machine with Remark Test Grading Edition. Scanning your completed tests is performed using an image scanner or multi-function printer so there is no need for expensive dedicated form readers. Review your scanned tests on-screen for easy exception handling. In addition, you can set up a hot folder for images being scanned from your MFP. When started, the software automatically checks this folder and processes any test answer sheets it finds.

After your tests have been scanned use the built-in grading analysis to generate a variety of reports. The software grades the test and produces reports for item analysis, student scores, test statistics and more. It also produces a student grade report for each student that can be printed and handed back to the student. Grades can be exported to a variety of gradebook and student management systems.

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