Pitsco’s foam glider inspires students, explores STEM principles

News Highlights:
• Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne legend is now available as a foam glider that’s perfect for teaching STEM, history, and more.
• Glider kit requires no tools and is easily assembled.

News Release: June 21, 2013 – There’s more to the latest glider kit from Pitsco Education than meets the eye – there’s decades of groundbreaking history behind it. Developed by Jeff Rutan for Pitsco, the new SpaceShipOne Foamie Glider is like many other model gliders: it demonstrates the science principles of gravity, lift, thrust, drag, center of gravity, and more. But it also brings a legend of aerospace history into the classroom.

In 2004, Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne won the Ansari X-Prize, which offered $10 million to the first private organization to successfully launch a manned, reusable spacecraft twice in two weeks. SpaceShipOne is just one of many groundbreaking aircraft and spacecraft designed by Burt Rutan, who founded SCALED Composites. Burt’s son, Jeff, hopes the SpaceShipOne Foamie Glider will not only teach STEM concepts, but also inspire students to dream. Rutan and Michael Hoy of K20associates in California have taken the kit on the road. The two led workshops for Rocket Science Tutors and for teacher in-service days at Toler Elementary in San Diego and Elk Hills School District in Tupman.

The glider provides two decal options: the ship during the first private space flight or during the second and third flights. The kit, which requires no tools, comes with a foam parts sheet and fuselage, a decal sheet, and nose weight clips. The user guide features the history of SpaceShipOne and the X-Prize. To learn more, visit shop.pitsco.com.

• “Any flying model can captivate children’s attention, generate enthusiasm, and open the door for study of some basic principles of flight,” Jeff Rutan said. “SpaceShipOne and other Rutan/SCALED models go beyond that as examples of innovative designs that are leading to an exciting future in private space.”
• “Aerospace technology and the public space program were primary motivating factors for children in my and my father’s generations,” said Jeff Rutan. “Private space is becoming that element of inspiration and optimism for the future for the new generations today and beyond.”
• “The workshop offered another way to approach the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. These standards require a major shift in instruction, and this workshop brings to light ways to integrate student-centered learning and instruction,” said Peggy Lewis, Toler Elementary Principal. “The teachers were engaged, excited, and inspired! They saw firsthand how much deeper the students will go in their thinking when they are given the chance to collaborate, develop a model, and then come up with solutions and explanations about their learnings.”

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