According to the principal and teachers at Covington Street Elementary, the students’ math scores, their problem solving skills and how they attack problems are very different from other classrooms, and they believe it’s because of their access to desktop computing. Student engagement went straight up for us. Discipline problems went straight down. Achievement has been amazing.

In terms of a cost savings, the initial cost is 40 percent cheaper than rolling out laptops, and the biggest benefit will be when refresh time comes in three years. Then I will see a 90 percent savings, which is unbelievable. Right now, I’m providing one-to-one access for less than half the cost of a desktop computer. Additionally, I’m cutting down on heat and power, which is ultimately, saving more.

We save half a million dollars every four years, and that’s not counting replacing the batteries, power supplies, and lost and stolen devices we would have otherwise have had to do. And my staff doesn’t have to repair 2,500 individual computers, saving considerable maintenance cost and effort. It’s truthfully the best of all possible worlds.

These days, the students and faculty of Scotland County wake up wondering what they’ll learn and what they’ll teach with the help of desktop virtualization. Though they may not realize desktop virtualization is responsible for their new standard for processing and educating the world around them, I see this whenever I walk the halls and students are focused. There’s a new-found sense of motivation and empowerment amongst Scotland County’s schools. I can only imagine where these students will be in the years to come. Revolutions in technology are changing the monotonous cycles of education and inspiring Scotland County’s youngest generations. We’ve been able to provide a superior education that knows no financial limitations. That alone has made the journey and the road ahead that much sweeter.

You can learn more about our experiences with desktop virtualization technology by viewing my video.

Rick DeLaunay is Director of Technology & Media, Scotland County Schools. He has more than 28 years in the IT industry and more than 10 years with worldwide communications companies. Additionally, he has nine-plus years with major pharmaceutical company and almost 6 years in K-12 education.