ISTE: DOE talks 6 education technology changes, new initiatives

4. Share more learning content effectively.

“Right now, content is sort of spread across the internet,” said Culatta, “and we thought, ‘What if instead of educators finding content, content finds educators?’”

The DOE recently launched its Learning Registry, a depository of educational content. However, only learning management systems (LMS), and other content systems could access and integrate this content.

That’s why the DOE yesterday during ISTE 2013 launched the Open Learning Registry Browser, a way for educators to search and access the content found in the DOE’s Learning Registry.

Currently, there are over 200,000 learning objects, which Culatta said is just the beginning.

“Educators can search the registry many ways, for instance by subject or by standard,” he explained. The registry is currently in beta, and Culatta said the Department is looking for feedback on how they can make it better.

5. Use data effectively.

“Right now there’s more data behind what kind of movie you choose on Netflix than behind what college a student chooses,” explains Culatta. “And, obviously, that’s got to change.”

The DOE also recommends MyData Button, which provides data about learners, or personal learning profiles.

6. Support teachers more.

Launched last year, the DOE will continue its Connected Educator Month (CEM), which will occur in October. CEM promotes leveraging technology to connect teachers.


Meris Stansbury

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