Anaheim, California (June 24, 2013) – Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce PlenumVault Systems, a family of complete, centralized AV switching and control systems designed for classrooms with a suspended ceiling. These easy-to-use, easy-to-install, economical classroom AV systems use twisted pair technology for transmitting signals and include network connectivity for Web-based asset management, monitoring, and control. PlenumVault Systems take their name from the unique PVM 220 PlenumVault Mounting Kit that securely mounts and conceals system components in the plenum space above a suspended ceiling.

“All of our classroom AV systems are designed to help schools standardize on a single technology platform and offer network connectivity for remote management and support,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “These new PlenumVault Systems provide the added benefit of secured mounting that blends invisibly into the existing ceiling.”

Several standard PlenumVault Systems are available to streamline the design and procurement process. These two-, three-, and four-input systems include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to add the video projector, projection screen, and video sources.

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