Lovely shared a handful of helpful apps for early learners. (Some are free and others are fee-based; not all are available for both iPads and Android tablets.)

Kindoma Storytime is designed for families to read together in a Skype-like environment, but interesting classroom work is happening with the app as well.

Futaba Classroom Games is designed for multiple players, comes with preloaded games, and users can create their own games.

Explain Everything is a screencasting and interactive whiteboard tablet app that lets students annotate and create.

FeltBoard is a non-language-based app that encourages children to speak more, build vocabulary, and that can be particularly useful for English language learners. It’s also a good starting app for reluctant teachers, Lovely said. iPad app here; Android app here.

Bugs and Buttons  is an interactive math app that self-adjusts based on young students’ performance. iPad app here; Android app here.

Fotopedia Heritage is a photo collection of world heritage sights, including thousands of pictures that students can use to identify shapes, create stories, and built vocabulary.

MyScriptCalculator takes users’ handwriting and it turns it into typed number and does the calculation. iPad app here; Android app here.

Endless ABC uses fun and interactive monsters to help students learn the alphabet and develop vocabulary.