Important steps in a mobile learning initiative

School mobile learning programs take advantage of kids’ technology knowledge.

Having a clear vision when contemplating a school or district mobile learning program, as well as being flexible when building that program, are two essential steps if school technology leaders want to bring a mobile learning initiative to fruition.

During an webinar on mobile learning, Scott Newcomb, a teacher at St. Marys Intermediate School in Ohio and blogger, shared experiences and tips he has gained in the five years that his school has operated a “bring your own device” (BYOD) mobile learning initiative.

One of the biggest mistakes or roadblocks to successful mobile learning is “leading with fear,” Newcomb said. Many educators approach a mobile learning proposal with negative thoughts and assume that student devices will be stolen or that students will cheat.

“The reality of mobile learning is that it’s very collaborative,” he said. “Kids love working together, and sharing, and creating–they’re very engaged.”

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Laura Ascione

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