It’s about time!

Teaching in front of a classroom is common place for many teachers. They plan their lessons, do a couple class projects, and then send their students off to do group work.

Sound familiar?

Many teachers do this – it’s routine. But how do you know if the concepts in your lesson plan are coming through loud and clear with your students? As students and teachers ourselves, we found that class participation wasn’t the easiest nut to crack. That’s why we set out to build a better tool – to get us to sit up straight, pay attention, and learn from our teacher.

That’s why we built QuizPoo, a fun and engaging way to instantly asses what your students have learned in a specific lesson. With instant scoring, unlimited questions, and optional explanations and images, building a quiz for your whole classroom takes just a couple minutes.


QuizPoo was built by a team of Vermonters in the winter of 2012. When we found ourselves bundled up and freezing, we started coding. This led to late nights next to the fireplace building a beautiful quiz product to show the world. And it just so happens, teachers loved it! Make your first quiz at

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