Online game helps students understand how democracy works

Created for the National Conference of State Legislators by D’Vinci, a developer of websites and eLearning experiences, “American Democracy” is an online role-playing game to help students in grades 6-8 better understand the workings of democracy in a fun, immersive environment.

Users take on the role of an elected official, receiving their own office and staff. They must listen closely to their constituents, learn the particulars of each issue, and interact and compromise with their fellow legislators.

There are three levels of adventure. Each level covers a different issue and concentrates on different elements of the democratic process. Users can weigh in and display how they’re “leaning” on the issues, and they can interact with their constituency through a simulated social network called RepBook. Eventually, the issue comes to a vote—and users see an outcome based on their decisions in the level. Feedback is given at the end of every level showing users how effective they were serving as a representative.

The site includes a teacher’s page for implementation help, as well as teacher aids and collateral materials to help teachers review their students’ progress.

eSchool News Staff

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