In an age where visual communication is becoming increasingly important in education, award-winning creative software publisher, Serif, has launched a powerful new desktop publisher for the classroom. PagePlus X7 features easy-to-use design tools, enabling students of all abilities to create exciting, fit-for-purpose printed documents or presentations to communicate their ideas in all subjects.

Students can create professional-quality documents with a range of tools in PagePlus X7 – and not just for print. As well as brochures, posters and yearbooks, pupils can produce interactive documents like PDFs and eBooks for sharing on screen with the very latest technologies. It’s also a great program for developing infographics – the latest hot trend in visual communication. The program’s easy-to-use interface and cross-curricular tools also mean teachers can quickly integrate it into classroom lessons for students of all abilities.

“In today’s digital age, effective visual communication is key. Students need to be skilled in how to present information in creative and compelling ways in order to capture and retain their audience’s attention,” says Colin Hussey, Head of Education Sales at Serif. “PagePlus X7 enables students to learn how to effectively communicate with a mix of text and graphics whilst producing professional documents with easy-to-use tools and the latest technologies.”

PagePlus X7 features include:
• Interactive PDFs and eBooks – Export interactive PDFs with rollovers, streamed movies, Flash, QuickTime, sound clips, and forms – great for creating storybooks or sharing on mobile devices.
• Easier DTP layout – Get creative presenting work, even in core subjects, with quicker DTP layout and all the professional features needed to learn essential DTP skills used in industry.
• Pre-flight Checker – Every pupil can ensure final work is business-standard with tools for proofreading and checking digital publishing compatibility for PDF, HTML, and eBook output.
• PhotoLab and LogoStudio – Powerful tools allow students to create, edit, and combine graphics to enhance DTP documents and coursework, without a separate photo editor or drawing package.
• Import Excel and Word files – Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word 2007, and now Word 2010 docx files, PagePlus X7 enables students to quickly and clearly present research in all subjects.
• Mail and Photo Merge – Show workplace skills in PagePlus. Import data from plain text files, Excel, Outlook, Access or other databases to merge information for personalised letters and labels.

Teachers looking for inspiration on how to use PagePlus in the classroom can now benefit from Serif’s free online Teacher Resources. Packed with fresh new ideas to help engage pupils, the resources include informative fact files, worksheets and videos for both learners and teachers. View them on a desktop or tablet device at:

PagePlus X7 is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista and XP. It is available to schools and colleges in US and Canada from just $21 per user, or as part of the Serif Design Suite, with site licenses starting from $999.

For further information on Serif’s Design Suite License pricing please call 1-800-489-6712 or email

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