13 inexpensive ed-tech tools for writing


Grade range: 1-8

What is it? A straightforward way to set up safe classroom blogs.

Pros: This is an easy way to get your class, or even your school, to collaborate on creative writing projects.

Cons: After the buzz of publication wears off, some kids will find they still struggle with writing.

Bottom line: By simplifying the blogging platform, Kidblog prompts students to write for an audience.

Review: http://beta.graphite.org/website/kidblog-0


Story Dice

Grade range: 2-8

What is it? Accessible story starters spark creativity for all ages.

Pros: Simple concept is versatile and highly accessible to almost everyone.

Cons: Requires adult leadership at first, and fun factor isn’t built in.

Bottom line: A catalyst for creative stories, poems, songs, and skits, but requires adult leadership to get the ball rolling.

Review: http://beta.graphite.org/app/story-dice



Grade range: 2-12

What is it? Challenge kids with lively blend of comics and learning.

Pros: Intuitive design with plenty of options for sharing work and adding multimedia.

Cons: Limited potential for creating original artwork, and available art depicts mostly human characters.

Bottom line: Students will be motivated to share subject knowledge using the fun language of comics.

Review: http://beta.graphite.org/website/pixton

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