13 inexpensive ed-tech tools for writing


Grade range: 3-12

What is it? Create a classroom blog to get students writing and collaborating.

Pros: Teachers will find it easy to communicate with parents about the work that students are doing.

Cons: The annual fee might be hard to meet for teachers in budget-strapped schools.

Bottom line: This rich and safe blogging tool makes it easy for teachers and students to extend the classroom into a wider community.

Review: http://beta.graphite.org/website/edublogs


Scholastic Kids Press Corps

Grade range: 5-8

What is it? Captivate classes with real journalism for kids, by kids.

Pros: The kid-friendly content is really high-quality and covers a wide range of newsworthy topics.

Cons: You’ll have to come up with your own classroom ideas; no extension activities accompany these great stories.

Bottom line: It’s well worth your while to use this appealing news site to get kids motivated about journalism.

Review: http://beta.graphite.org/website/scholastic-kids-press-corps


Animoto Videos

Grade range: 7-12

What is it? Snazzy video slideshows are a snap to create.

Pros: Eye-catching final projects are fun to make and simple to share.

Cons: Presentations won’t have much depth.

Bottom line: Slick music videos and slideshows are easy to make, but students need more control to personalize them.

Review: http://beta.graphite.org/website/animoto

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