What’s important in a digital device initiative?

Student engagement and quality of “screen time” are important considerations in device deployments.

In recent years, many ed-tech advocacy efforts have morphed from emphasizing the need for schools to have ed-tech tools and devices to figuring out exactly which device, or mix of devices, meet students’ needs, and how best to manage those devices. But before determining which device or devices students should use, education leaders must first identify what they want students to be able to do with the devices, according to a panel of experts.

During a July 25 Project 24 webinar, school ed-tech leaders discussed the factors influencing their decisions to move to a one-to-one or bring your own device (BYOD) policy.

“Ultimately, the students will help lead the adults down the path that you need to go,” said Patrick Larkin, assistant superintendent for learning for Burlington Public Schools in Massachusetts. “The only wrong choice you can make is not getting all the stakeholders in on the conversation to choose the right device from day one.”

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Laura Ascione

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