Texthelp’s New Offering for Google makes More Documents Accessible to Struggling Students

Read&Write for GoogleTM includes powerful support tools for Google Docs, PDFs, ePubs, and more

Woburn, MA, August 6, 2013 – Texthelp Inc., leading provider of award-winning literacy software solutions, today announced the release of Read&Write for Google. More than 25 million students are now using Google Apps for Education which allows teachers and students to create, consume, and collaborate in the Cloud. However, many of those students, including struggling readers and writers, students with learning disabilities, and English Language Learners, do not have the supports they need when working within the Google Apps environment. Read&Write for Google provides reading, writing, research, and studying support tools that allow these students to access and interact with the same documents as their peers and teachers. Best of all, these tools, especially the embedded annotation and highlighter tools for PDFs and ePubs, can also benefit all students as well as teachers who are using Google Apps.

“As more schools, districts, and colleges turn to Google Apps for Education for cost-saving benefits as well as improved collaboration in the Cloud, they are looking for solutions to support all of their students on this platform. The overwhelmingly positive reaction to our initial offering, Read&Write for Google DocsTM, convinced us that an even broader solution was needed for struggling students to ensure that they can create, edit, and review even more documents while in Google.” states Jack Dolan, President of Texthelp Inc.

Read&Write for Google works within Google Drive in Chrome on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. The Read&Write for Google suite includes Read&Write for Google Docs, PDF Reader, ePub Reader, and more. Support tools for Google documents, PDFs, and ePubs include:

  • Read aloud with dual color highlighting
  • Talking Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Translator, and Fact Finder
  • Study Skills Highlighters and Collect Highlights
  • Vocabulary List Builder
  • Annotations (PDFs and ePubs)
  • Navigational tools (ePubs)

Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D. (Assistivetek.blogspot.com) commented on Read&Write for Google, “Wow! I could only have dreamed of this type of App years ago. Great work – what a great contribution to the field of AT!”

Read&Write for Google is part of the Read&Write family of products which include:

  • Read&Write Gold for PC and Mac – A customizable toolbar with a comprehensive set of support tools that work within common applications
  • iReadWrite – App makes reading easier and ensures accurate writing when using an iPad
  • Reading Champion – iPad App helps young readers improve their reading skills

Pricing and Availability
Read&Write for Google is available now. Free 30-day trials are available on the Chrome web store. Subscriptions are available for single copies as well as for an entire domain. For more information, call Texthelp at 888-248-0652, email u.s.info@texthelp.com, or go to www.texthelp.com.

About Texthelp Inc.
Texthelp Inc. (www.texthelp.com) provides literacy software solutions for individuals, K-12, higher education, and publishers. Read&Write provides literacy solutions on the Desktop, Cloud, and iPad. Read&Write Gold for PC or Mac gives users access to reading, writing, studying, and research tools within commonly-used applications. Read&Write for Google™ is a cloud-based solution which makes Google Docs, PDFs, and ePubs accessible. Read&Write iPad Apps include: iReadWrite which makes reading easier and writing more accurate on the iPad, and Reading Champion to help young readers improve their reading. Publishing solutions include Fluency Tutor, Lexiflow, and SpeechStream which allow publishers to deliver digital talking eBooks, assessments, and online content with support tools to make their content accessible to all.

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