JD Savage Productions makes their NoodleBoosters! program available to school districts at up to 75% off the retail price.

NoodleBoosters!, the three DVD set of episodes highlighting the skills kids need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond, is now available for school districts to purchase in volume amounts. Every family with a child entering kindergarten can now have a copy of this essential program.

Understanding the need for school districts to manage their budgets more effectively prompted the move by the production company.

“The need is still there,” said producer Jeff Davis. “Kids enter kindergarten from all different backgrounds – day care, pre-school, care-givers or homes where English isn’t the primary language. Teachers still need to get these kids up to a common level before they can teach them what they need to know for first grade. Kindergarten is real school now, but budgets are always shrinking.
We feel that NoodleBoosters! is important to get into the hands of each family. If we have to lower the price to help make that happen, we’re happy to do it.”

NoodleBoosters! was developed with pre-school and kindergarten teachers, and funded by the Carmel Central School District in Putnam County NY.

School districts can visit www.noodleboosterstore.com for sample videos, pricing and more information. Representatives are required to email customerservice@jdsavage.com to set up acceptance of purchase orders.

JD Savage Productions can be found at www.jdsavage.com Producer Jeff Davis can be reached via email @ jd@jdsavage.com or by phone @ (914) 483-9436 for more information or to set up an interview

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