Districts nationwide are using Prey Anti-Theft & loss prevention software to support device management in tech initiatives like 1-1 and BYOD

Santiago, Chile Aug 8, 2013- Prey, leading provider of cross platform, anti-theft software, is thrilled to announce that districts across the United States are using their software to protect and recover mobile devices, everything from laptops & tablets to mobile phones and more. With the implementation of 1-1 and BYOD initiatives in every corner of PK-12 education, Prey software has already proved invaluable to its users, recovering both lost and stolen devices in the schools they support.

“Providing schools and districts with a tool to protect and recover their devices is of the utmost importance at Prey,” states Prey Co-Founder Tomas Pollak. “Even more important is keeping each child safe, which is why we have taken steps to allow districts to fully customize their Prey accounts to protect their privacy. To date, we have seen districts recover innumerable devices, whether stolen, lost or something as simple as a device being forgotten on the bus ride home.”

Administrators are including Prey’s solution as part of their device management toolbox to protect their district’s technology investments through initiatives like 1-1 and BYOD. Prey is easy to use and fully customizable with features like Lock & Delete Passwords (for remote protection), hardware scans, device history, WiFi auto connect, geolocation, the ability to take pictures/screenshots remotely and more. When a device is reported missing, Prey jumps into action from the administrator’s account, automatically generating a report to locate the missing device, setting in motion steps to recover the missing device.

Pollak adds, “We applaud the hard work being done by districts across the country to implement technology in to their classrooms, they are truly revolutionizing education.” He continues, “At Prey, our mission has been and continues to be providing educators with a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for the protection & recovery of their devices. We work tirelessly to provide the most up to date solution to do just that.”

Currently, Prey has more than 1 Million users and hundreds of educational institutions worldwide using a variety of devices and platforms like iOS, Android, MAC, Windows, Linux and more.

For more information about Prey Cross Platform, Anti-Theft software, and educational pricing, please visit them online: www.preyproject.com/education

About Prey:

Prey is a privately held software company founded in 2008. The Prey team is comprised of developers and tech folks with years of experience in building platforms, apps and more that are always looking for ways to keep technology and its users protected and safe.

At Prey, our users and the devices we protect always come first. Our creative thinking and dedication to detail allows Prey to provide the best possible solution for any device, regardless of platform.

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