Troy, OH- Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter, actor, and television host Usher, with the support of Scholastic Inc., has donated 5,000 new children’s books to Kids Read Now, the innovative nonprofit organization working to eliminate the summer reading slide.
“Every year as children enjoy their summer vacations, they actually forget what they learned the previous school year if they don’t keep using their brains,” says the program’s co-founder and Executive Director, Barbara Lurie. “Unfortunately one of the biggest reasons some kids don’t read in the summer is they don’t have access to books. In some low-income neighborhoods there is only one book for every 300 children. Thanks to Usher’s incredible support, we can make sure that every child we serve has wonderful books to read with their families over the summer months.” Usher’s donation is provided through Scholastic’s global literacy campaign, Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life. , which supports every child’s right to read and succeed.
Research shows that children, particularly those from low-income families, who don’t read will lose up to three months of reading achievement over the summer in what has become known as the “summer slide”. Children who experience cumulative summer reading loss will enter middle school nearly two and a half years behind their peers in reading skills.
This summer Kids Read Now provided over 2,000 children with free books, learning activities, and weekly support to help students keep reading all summer long and return to school in the fall ready to learn and move forward with their education.
Founded in 2011 by Barbara and Leib Lurie, Kids Read Now was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to address the problem of the summer reading slide. Funding is provided by One Call Now, the United Way of Troy, the Vectren Foundation, the Troy Optimist Club, and the Piqua Optimist Club. Kids Read Now seeks to keep children reading over the summer to prevent learning loss and grow reading skills. For more information about Kids Read Now, go to
For more information about Scholastic’s literacy campaign and to access free resources to help get kids reading, go to

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