Online Environment, Aligned to Today’s Rigorous Achievement Goals, to Focus on Learning Process, Provide Meaningful Feedback to Students and Teachers

NEW YORK – Aug. 12, 2013 –Triumph Learning today announced that it has received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of the philanthropy’s Literacy Courseware Challenge. The company will use this grant to fund and develop a portion of its expertly crafted, adaptive learning platform for students in grades 3-8.

Designed to enable learners of any skill level to achieve success, Triumph Learning’s new online learning platform will align to the Common Core State Standards. The program will focus on the process of learning as well as on results, offering students many forms of help, meaningful feedback, and different ways into the content to achieve differentiated instruction.

“We have brought together a team of industry leaders to design an engaging, personalized online learning environment that will give students the firm foundation in reading, writing, and math necessary to meet today’s rigorous achievement goals and attain success in college and career. It is exciting that this grant will help us carry the work forward,” said Aoife Dempsey, Chief Technology Officer at Triumph Learning.

Offering guided intelligent practice, the program will provide instant feedback so that students and teachers can switch gears as needed, and remain highly motivated and challenged. Partnering with Knewton for its adaptive learning engine, Triumph Learning’s program will feature a constantly adaptive system-one that responds in real time to students’ performance and activity, providing appropriate instruction at the optimal time to maximize the likelihood that students will master their learning objectives.

This new program will encourage students to challenge themselves by grappling with increasingly difficult questions, keeping them motivated and engaged with a recognition system that visually encourages students to reach higher and higher. The recognition system will praise them for trying and will keep them aware of their progress, so that they become consciously competent learners. Device-agnostic, the platform will support all of today’s various learning environments, such as a flipped classroom model, 1:1 learning, peer-to-peer, group, lab, and home-based scenarios.

Triumph Learning plans to launch this innovative new platform in July 2014.

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