MindMixer Makes Community Ideation Even Easier with Website and Product Refresh

Online community engagement platform tapped end-users for input on user interface design and features to ensure its clients would see a real change in engagement levels

OMAHA, Neb. – August 13, 2013 – MindMixer, an online engagement platform helping hundreds of civic, education and healthcare organizations communicate more effectively with their communities, today unveiled a redesigned homepage and refreshed Web and mobile user interface. MindMixer’s 400+ clients and their communities will now be able to collaborate better around important issues thanks to a new user-responsive design for a better mobile experience, improved community page accessibility and easier sharing via social networks.

“We’ve built a business on helping leadership turn to their communities for input on shared issues and this time, it was our turn,” said Nick Bowden, CEO of MindMixer. “We have grown a lot recently, so it was time to ask our clients and their end-users what we could be doing better or differently to make sure they’re able to use our product to create real, meaningful change in their communities.”

MindMixer’s newly hired team of experienced designers and data analytics experts conducted more than 400 hours of user testing and more than 500 user interviews to understand how community members prefer to engage with one another. The new platform user interface puts a keen importance on ease of use, speed and fluidity. The new features include:

• Responsive user experience: 20 percent of the ideas and conversations on the MindMixer platform are contributed by users on smartphones. To make sure that user experiences are of the same caliber whether on a computer or a smartphone, the platform has adopted user-responsive design.
• Idea activity stream: With the new redesign, users will be able to see updates and contributions to topics on their community’s site directly on the MindMixer homepage. The user-generated content is now displayed in an activity stream to eliminate the extra step of searching through additional pages and sections to submit an idea.
• Easy sharing to social networks: MindMixer thinks people should be proud of the positive impact they have on their communities when they lend their voices to important conversations. With the new update to its social media sharing technology, users can easily let their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn networks know with a simple click of a button on the platform’s homepage.

More than 42,000 ideas for almost 5,000 different topics have been generated on the MindMixer platform. Share your idea at www.mindmixer.com.

About MindMixer
MindMixer believes that good, informed ideas are out there, but many don’t make it to the surface or are drowned out by the volume of usual voices. MindMixer’s online community engagement and social media intelligence tools connect organizations with community members who might not otherwise get involved. With the country’s largest suite of best-in-class engagement technology, MindMixer makes it easier for community leadership and members to have more productive, collaborative discussions than they would using traditional approaches like offline town hall meetings and message boards.

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