Based in Atlanta Georgia, Skubes is designed to be a tool to make tutoring easier and more affordable. On August 12th, Skubes officially launched their website and opened an online portal for tutoring. Skubes combines short-segmented videos taught by real teachers and interactive problems that can be solved on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Reaching 40,000 videos, Skubes offers tutoring from kindergarten to twelfth grade and is available 24 hours a day.

In order to succeed in providing education for all, Skubes started a campaign on FunderHut (, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to help community projects. The funds raised will help produce 1,000 additional education videos, begin building the largest learning management system on the Internet, and launch social media marketing. Those who donate can receive “kudos” ranging from a one-month membership to full access of Skubes for a year.

“Much of the resources on the Internet for education are very scattered and fragmented. It can be hard for a student or parent to know whether what they have found is correct or accurate,” said founder Bryan Wetzel. “All of us at Skubes are parents and we understand the value that the Internet can bring to education, especially when it’s combined in one place and organized for everyone to understand. “

Due to the increasing impact of standardized tests and the public education recession, tutoring prices are on the rise. Skubes aim is to “give parents, of all economic levels, options that won’t break the bank” while providing secure online education taught by experts.

About Skubes
Skubes’ mission is to empower parents while helping children. Their goal is to develop relevant education videos that are convenient and easy to use for children while providing a cost effective opportunity for parents.

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