Students will have access to college and career exploration tools as part of district’s one-to-one initiative

August 19, 2013

Arlington, VA – Having the right tools in the classroom can be an essential part in preparing students for successful futures by connecting what they’re doing in the classroom to real-world opportunities. Hobsons and Liberty Public Schools (LPS) have partnered to promote individualized learning and academic planning by integrating Naviance, the world’s leading college and career readiness platform for schools and districts, in the classroom through Liberty’s one-to-one laptop initiative for students in grades 9 – 12.

“Customizing the education experience to meet the needs of each unique student is the ultimate goal and this is one more example of how our high quality educators can use sophisticated technological tools to help our students find success and leave Liberty prepared for that next step,” said Dr. Jungmann, superintendent at Liberty.

Naviance will allow LPS to help students transform their education experience into actionable career pathways through resources like the Roadtrip Nation video archive, which features more than 3,500 video interviews with influential leaders who have forged through life’s challenges to accomplish unique goals.

Aligned with Missouri’s “Top 10 by 20” program, LPS will implement a blended learning methodology, combining its one-to-one platform with Naviance Course Planner, an extension to Naviance that allows students to build multi-year plans of study to meet their post-secondary goals, and PrepMe, an online adaptive test preparation solution for ACT, SAT and PSAT. In doing so, Liberty will give more than 5,000 students access to a diverse lineup of college and career exploration tools as well as afford counselors the opportunity to develop personal plans of study aligned with each student’s unique strengths and interests.

In addition to enriching student creativity and performance through Naviance, Liberty will also implement Naviance eDocs to more efficiently manage the college application process for its students by streamlining the process for requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation.

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