Positive Outcomes Charter School identifies customization, flexibility, and ease-of-use as the keys to supporting teachers with constructive feedback

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – August 20, 2013 – Positive Outcomes Charter School has chosen observe4success, a leading provider of easy-to-use, classroom observation and walkthrough software, as its partner in fostering positive teacher growth. Positive Outcomes was looking for a solution with the flexibility to monitor their unique, internal teacher observation and evaluation measures established by school administrators and found observe4success to be the perfect fit.

At Positive Outcomes Charter School, flexibility is truly paramount. With a student population heavily comprised of kids who have experienced difficulty in traditional school settings, choosing solutions that support their unique school culture is extremely important. Founded in 1996, Positive Outcomes welcomes students from all over Delaware. Their unique approach to education stems from the idea that all students have the ability to learn, but they may learn differently, which means approaching instructional techniques with a focus on one student at a time. To do so, Positive Outcomes takes additional measures to support and professionally grow the educators in each of their classrooms.

Positive Outcomes Principal Steve Norman comments, “We set very high standards when our administration made the decision to evaluate various teacher observation tools. Over time, we looked at a number of options and ultimately found observe4success’ customization features, flexibility, and ease-of-use to be the best fit for our needs.” He continues, “Since implementing observe4success, we have seen their team add even more system features to help meet our specific and often unique needs and could not be more thrilled with how accommodating they have been. We feel we have found a great partner in observe4success.”

observe4success allows schools and districts to easily create and implement fully custom rubrics for quick walkthroughs as well as longer observations. The data that is collected is automatically stored, sorted, and analyzed to identify teaching trends, which can be used to inform conversations and collaborative work towards consistent improvement.

Abby Sterensis, Vice President of observe4success says, “observe4success is thrilled to have the opportunity to support the amazing work that Positive Outcomes Charter School is doing not only with their students but also with their staff. The value of the unique and personalized approach their staff takes to educate every child in the manner that they learn best cannot be understated.” She adds, “To meet and exceed their vision, administrators at Positive Outcomes consistently take steps to fully support their staff which leads to providing each student with the best education possible. We look forward to working with them to continue making their vision a reality over the next 3 years.”

“Our hope is that by customizing and making adjustments to the observation process as a whole, the data collected over time will enable us to drive instruction, encourage positive growth in our staff, and most importantly increase student achievement” comments Positive Outcomes School Director, Ed Emmett.

The award-winning classroom walkthrough software from observe4success offers users a robust but simplified process, bringing together the benefits of technology, research-based content, fully customizable observation forms, and graphic reports. Educators and administrators alike have the clearest means of supporting and improving the teaching process and classroom culture.

For more about Positive Outcomes Charter School, please visit: http://www.positiveoutcomescs.org/

To learn more about observe4success or to schedule a demonstration please visit: http://www.observe4success.com

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observe4success is a powerful, web-based tool administrators use to observe, encourage, and sustain effective instructional practice and classroom culture in school communities. observe4success combines the newest technology, look-fors and rubrics that are easy to understand, and concise graphic reports to support and assist teachers as both administrators and teachers study and improve the craft of teaching.

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