News Highlights:
• Three new middle-level curriculum titles – Composites, Intelligent Homes, and Mobile Apps – highlight STEM subjects, modern technology.
• The new topics provide hands-on, real-world experiences for students while giving teachers plenty of material for expanded lessons.
• Written with future workforce needs in mind, each topic ties directly to STEM careers.

News Release, August 19, 2013 – Researching. Experimenting. Overcoming challenges. They’re all part of the learning process, and recently these processes helped Pitsco curriculum writers create three exciting new middle-level topics ready for classrooms this fall.

A composite is a natural or synthetic substance made up of two or more distinctly separate materials. But students who experience Composites will learn more than just the basic definition. From building composite materials to running deflection tests, three-point bending tests, and cantilever bending tests, students will work hands on throughout the majority of the activities. Complete with on-site videos of composites in the workplace and spot-on alignment with workplace skills, Composites delivers a unique STEM experience that’s sure to engage students.

Intelligent Homes
Smart-home technology enables home devices and appliances to communicate with each other – and with homeowners. Smart homes are designed to make everyday life safer and more convenient. Students in Intelligent Homes will get up close and personal with this increasingly popular technology. Besides learning the traits of a smart home and the benefits and limitations of using smart-home technology, students will work with a smart-home model to experience for themselves how all this technology works together to create homes we once thought of as futuristic.

Mobile Apps
The advent of mobile computing devices and the use of mobile apps have drastically changed the way we use computers. Mobile Apps explores the purpose and use of apps for mobile devices, how they are programmed, and what processes lead to the development of successful mobile apps. Students will not only learn some basics of programming and app design, but by the end of the second session, they will have built and installed a functioning app on a tablet. After that, they’ll design an app to meet customer specifications. Mobile Apps is bound to excite students while enabling them to get hands on and minds on with 21st-century technology.

• “Part of our goal with Composites was aligning the curriculum with workforce needs. It’s not just that they can make a back door for a hearse, but now it’s lighter and the hearse costs less to maintain and is easier to operate. It’s all interconnected.” – Ray Grissom, Pitsco curriculum specialist
• “From exploring home security to teaching the green aspects of home automation technology, Intelligent Homes helps students build a 21st-century knowledge base perfect for today’s workforce.” – Jeanne McCready, Pitsco curriculum specialist
• “The students who experience Mobile Apps will be one step ahead of everyone else in their knowledge base of 21st-century skills.” – David Meador, Pitsco curriculum specialist

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