Engaging, educating students with chemistry app

chemistry-classThis summer’s chemistry section at University of Illinois-Springfield began with the same challenge that I always face with my students: how to get them to engage with the material and get excited about what they are learning. Keeping students’ minds active in the classroom is so important, and interacting with students in a meaningful way encourages them to actively apply their knowledge – which is an essential step to track how well students understand class material, before they are tested and graded in the course.

Chemistry is a complex subject, and it often takes many students a significant amount of time to grasp and master the concepts presented in both introductory and advanced-level courses. As an educator, I’m always interested in ways to make the learning process for my students better and easier. I have watched the recent emergence of mobile education apps, and brainstormed ways to incorporate mobile learning into my chemistry classes. There is no question that students enjoy learning with mobile devices, such as the iPad, and these are meaningful learning tools.

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