How to lecture like Steve Jobs (or Ashton Kutcher)

Engaging students through storytelling

Steve Jobs was a master storyteller who used stories to connect emotionally with his audience.

2D conventional classroom presentations are often outdated and difficult to retain students’ attention. Prezi’s zooming canvas offers interactive storytelling because it naturally shows the connections between all of the details–teachers can more easily tell the story of “how” in addition to just describing the “what” and the “why.”

Prezi has already received positive feedback from students. “All of the animations included in Prezi look really cool,” says Ashley. “Kids love it.”

Explaining both the big picture and fine details

Steve Jobs was famous for presenting the big picture vision of his ideas without neglecting the fine details.

Teachers have a big task of conveying complex ideas in a short amount of time, which is challenging to fit enough information into each slide. Often, teachers are forced to fragment data, charts, and diagrams by breaking them up over several slides, where the connection between them is lost. Using Prezi, rather than being stuck in a static slide, teachers can literally show the big picture, zoom in on the details, and then zoom back out again.

Making presentations more collaborative

Steve Jobs devoted a lot of time to ensure his presentations reached a wide audience. With Prezi’s shared virtual canvas, educators can solicit feedback from other teachers, collaborate in real time with 10 others, and even get students to visually contribute during class discussions.

Prezi can be a valuable tool for class projects. Students can collaborate in real time with as many as 10 peers–in the classroom or at home–to strategize and build presentations on one shared virtual whiteboard.

As Whitlatch noted: “Students can work on presentations in groups without having to pass an electronic file around. And teachers can have students contribute to the visuals of a presentation during class discussion time. Some teachers have even told us that students who won’t normally participate in a class discussion verbally will do so electronically through Prezi.”

Building more portable and accessible presentations

Steve Jobs wanted his presentations to reach the widest possible audience. So does Prezi.

Presentations are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere. Students and educators can view and edit projects on a desktop computer and a mobile device. “We’ve found that teachers love it because if a student misses a presentation in class he or she can still view the presentation from home with no extra effort on the teacher’s part,” says Ashley and students enjoy it because they can “check out Prezi presentations wherever they happen to be on whatever device they happen to be carrying without having to lug extra stuff around in their backpacks.”

The Prezi team highlighted the simplicity yet ingenuity of their virtual sharing education tool: “Using Prezi, you don’t need the fame or charisma of Steve Jobs (or Ashton Kutcher in the recent movie) to deliver presentations like him.”

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