A strategic partnership to provide literacy solutions for TCEA Members

Minneapolis, MN & Austin, TX August 22, 2013 –TCEA and myON, a business unit of Capstone and the leading provider of personalized literacy solutions for PreK-12, announce a partnership that will place an emphasis on literacy by leveraging technology to personalize reading, measure results, and provide additional resources to support TCEA members.

Since 1980, TCEA, a member-based organization, has actively supported instructional technology and worked effectively to integrate technology into the PreK-12 environment. It is a cornerstone of their organization to provide members with state-of-the-art support through conferences, workshops, professional development, and newsletters as well as collaboration with higher education and businesses to promote and integrate technology in the classroom.

In turn, myON’s flagship product, myON readerTM, provides students with unlimited access to more than 4,000 enhanced digital books with optional reading supports, including embedded dictionary, highlighting, and naturally-recorded audio and an opportunity for educators to measure student reading progress and monitor student achievement through the embedded assessments created by MetaMetrics, the creators of The Lexile® Framework for Reading. Accessible at school or at home and on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices for online and offline reading, myON reader creates a collaborative reading environment where students, educators, and families work together to facilitate and support student reading progress and growth.

“It is so important that we align ourselves with organizations that recognize the importance of integrating technology into classrooms to better prepare students for future success, and it is for this reason that myON is pleased to partner with a prestigious organization like TCEA,” said Todd Brekhus, President of myON. “We look forward to working with TCEA to support their members by promoting the importance of reading for all students and to assist educators in providing resources for reading outside of the school day.”

TCEA Executive Director Lori Gracey states, “We are always looking for partners that will help enrich the resources and support TCEA offers to its members. We believe that we have found a great partner in myON to support our young readers as well as the teachers in the classroom.” She continues, “This partnership means that our members will have more tools and resources for innovating their teaching around reading, and literacy in general.”

We look forward to the exciting collaboration between TCEA and myON.

For more information about TCEA, please visit them online at: www.tcea.com

For more information about myON & myON reader, visit them online at: www.myon.com

About myON™

myON, a business unit of Capstone, develops personalized learning environments for students. As the flagship product, myON reader provides access to the largest integrated collection of enhanced digital books with multimedia supports and embedded Lexile assessments to measure reading growth. Using myON reader, students gain confidence in their abilities, take ownership in their reading growth, and achieve success across the curriculum. Since the platform launched in January 2011, more than 2 million students have logged on to read upwards of 4.25 million books. For more information, visit www.myON.com

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