Bretford Hosts New Webinar “Bodies in Motion: A Critical Part of Learning” on August 29

Published | Mon, August 26, 2013

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.®, a U.S. manufacturer of technology-enabled furniture for learning and business environments, has resumed its popular monthly webinar program with the brand new session, “Bodies in Motion: A Critical Part of Learning,” taking place on Wednesday, August 29 at 2:00 p.m. E.T. The free online event will be led by Tim Springer, Ph. D., founder of HERO, Inc. with input from an expert panel that includes Clersida Garcia, Ph. D. and Luis Garcia, Ph. D., both Department of Kinesiology Professors at Northern Illinois University.

“We are kicking off our fall webinar series with a discussion about the highly important topic of movement in the learning environment, which is applicable to every student in every grade level, from preschool through college,” explained Cindy Weinschreider, director of marketing communications for Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. “Webinar attendees will gain a new awareness of how the mind and body are linked to learning and begin to recognize how the classroom space design can leverage mobile technology to increase movement and, therefore, more effective teaching and learning.”

“Bretford is offering a unique perspective to anyone interested in improving the educational system and positively impacting teaching and learning in the future,” said Dr. Clersida Garcia, Department of Kinesiology Professor at Northern Illinois University. “This webinar will provide new scientific information on how the brain and body work together for learning to occur and the importance of movement for better brain function. It will include discussion about new ways to create learning environments and avenues for enriched academic knowledge, combined with creativity and critical thinking for happier and healthier students.”

“Bodies in Motion: A Critical Part of Learning” discusses how traditional approaches to learning and learning space design have been developed to serve relatively passive, physically sedentary behaviors. However, movement is an essential factor in how people learn. New models of learning supported by research evidence are beginning to change how we think about the importance of motion and mobility in the learning space. The webinar will address the importance of physical motion as one of many elements that affect how people learn, while providing an evidence-based case for rethinking the design of learning spaces to support increased movement and mobility.

For a complete bio of speakers Dr. Tim Springer, Dr. Clersida Garcia and Dr. Luis Garcia, click here.

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