New Common Core Assessment Apps for iPad Launched by Education Galaxy
Education Galaxy looks to raise the bar for educational applications on iPad with new Common Core apps.

Dallas, Texas – August 26, 2013

Education Galaxy recently announced its all new Common Core applications for iPad. Education Galaxy for iPad is designed for Elementary and Middle school students and supports math, language arts, reading, and science. The applications can be found by searching for “Education Galaxy” on Apple’s app store. Choose your app according to grade level and subject.

Education Galaxy launched its online website at earlier this year. Since then, they have added thousands of teachers to their online community and have released 26 total educational applications for the app store.

Each Education Galaxy app provides practice and formative assessment for each Common Core standard. Students work self-paced and manage their own Study Plans. After student’s work is complete, Education Galaxy allows students to email comprehensive reports to teachers or parents. Students stay engaged by collecting Galaxy Stars to increase their Alien Ranking and earning Galaxy Cards. Competition mode allows students to compete against other students.

“While iPads for education become increasingly popular each year, we feel that there is still much growth for app developers to support this highly engaging tool,” said Jeremy Verret, Education Galaxy’s CEO. “We are taking learning applications on iPad beyond the simple game or activity and allowing iPads to be used as a central tool for learning in the classroom.”

Education Galaxy was carefully designed to support both home and school use. When in school mode, each iPad can manage and report on up to 25 student profiles. This makes Education Galaxy ideal for 1:1 implementations or classrooms with only 1 iPad to share. Furthermore, Education Galaxy helps improve the home/school connection by allowing parents to easily share a child’s work with their teachers and teachers to easily share with parents.

About Education Galaxy:
Education Galaxy, LLC is a Dallas-based company providing standards-based online learning and engaging educational mobile applications. Thousands of teachers are part of Education Galaxy’s online teaching community. for more information visit or email Follow Education Galaxy on Facebook or Twitter.

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