New Common Core resources link data with instruction

educators-resourcesSchools now have access to new resources that link Common Core-aligned curriculum with any assessment data—and what’s more, these resources are 100-percent free.

The resources, housed on Activate Instruction, are part of an open platform where educators can browse, search, rate, add, share, and organize their favorite Common Core-aligned resources, and put them together in personalized playlists for students.

Parents and students can follow sets of resources that educators have prescribed, or they can search for the resource they like best.

What makes this free platform a step above other online resources currently available? The content, which includes nearly all subjects for grades 6-12 (soon expanding to K-12), has been largely aggregated and published by two high-performing schools: Summit Public Schools (SPS) in San Francisco and High Tech High (HTH) in San Diego.

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Meris Stansbury

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