A New Kit, Supporting Common Core State Standards: Family Engagement for Student Success, helps educators address misinformation about the Standards and enlist parents’ help so students AND schools succeed!

Fairfax, VA — The Parent Institute has a new ready-to-use kit to help school leaders get parents on board with the transition to the Common Core and make their program a success. The Supporting Common Core State Standards: Family Engagement for Student Success kit comes on the heels of the unexpected results of the 45th annual Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)/Gallup Poll showing that significant communication challenges that can interfere with the successful implementation of the Common Core state standards lie ahead for educators.

William Bushaw, Executive Director, PDK International and Co-director of the 2013 PDK/Gallup poll said: “The 2013 poll shows deep confusion around the nation’s most significant education policies and poses serious communication challenges for education leaders. . . The major takeaway from this year’s survey is that educators have their work cut out for them to mount an effective communications campaign about the common-core standards.”

The Parent Institute has done the work for principals and teachers who are in the best position to help parents understand the standards but often don’t have the time to identify what parents don’t know and create a communication plan. With the kit, schools can easily engage and involve parents in the transition, let them know that student expectations have been raised and explain what that will mean in terms of putting students on a trajectory to college and career. This knowledge and understanding will lead to successful implementation of the standards, improved student achievement and increased parent involvement. It will also help to avoid panic among parents when their child’s test scores are lower than on prior standardized tests.

The kit is appropriate for both Elementary and Secondary levels and is available in English with an optional Spanish supplement. It is ready-to-use, with materials to distribute via email, post on school websites, and hand out at school and community meetings. It includes a video, booklets and over 175 pages of resources, meeting materials, newsletter/website articles and practical advice to help school leaders engage families, support their school staff as they overcome parent and community concerns, and work to keep all stakeholders informed.

For more information on the kit, go to http://www.parent-institute.com/ccss.php or contact Laura Bono, The Parent Institute, 10505 Braddock Road, Fairfax, VA 22032, 1-800-756-5525. www.parent-institute.com.

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