Grow Montessori School (501c3) opened its doors on July 29th as the only school within the geographic boundaries of English Avenue—one of the most under-resourced, high-crime neighborhoods in Atlanta’s Historic Westside. The mission of Grow Montessori School is to make a transformative impact in English Avenue by educating children, empowering families, and enhancing community life. Grow Montessori School will achieve its mission by:

• inspiring children to reach their unique potential through high-quality educational programs that prepare them for school and for life;
• equipping parents to support their children’s total development through capacity-building classes, book studies, and workshops;
• partnering with local government agencies, neighborhood associations, civic groups, healthcare providers, and places of worship to promote health,
safety, and environmental sustainability.

In 1907, Dr. Maria Montessori opened her first school for young children from poor families in the infamous San Lorenzo district of Rome, Italy. The results of her work were astonishing! Not long after the school opened, national politicians and foreign dignitaries visited the school to witness the incredible progress students were making in reading, writing, and arithmetic as a result of Dr. Montessori’s revolutionary approach to learning.

An ocean away and more than a century later, Grow Montessori School (501c3) seeks to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Montessori . The communities we serve lie in the shadows of Georgia Tech and the Coca-Cola Company—Atlanta’s great beacons of innovation and entrepreneurship—yet unemployment, drug abuse, and violent crime are widespread. Each morning, children here gaze out of their windows at a bleak landscape of dilapidated houses, liquor stores, and debris. There are few places for residents to buy a loaf of bread, yet heroin can be purchased with ease on nearly every street corner.

In partnership with other local organizations, Grow Montessori School’s highly-trained staff and incredible Board of Directors are working to catalyze long-lasting neighborhood transformation through education and community-building. The organization’s deep commitment to children and families in English Avenue is demonstrated by the fact that every member of the staff is a proud neighborhood resident.

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Contact Information:

Emily Hayden, Director
580 Griffin St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

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