With an influx of new Android-based education tablets, Apple could see its status wane


As more tablets emerge in the ed-tech marketplace, including Intel’s new education-focused tablets designed with science inquiry and online collaboration in mind, tablet users are moving into two separate camps: those who are loyal to iOS devices, and those who favor newer, non-Apple tablets.

Many IT leaders remain firmly planted in the Apple camp. One reason, besides Apple’s decades-long relationship with schools (which includes education discounts), is that the iPad was one of the first mass-consumed mobile tablets with an incredibly intuitive interface and thousands of vetted applications, many developed specifically for educators. With one click, IT administrators can roll out a host of apps used for classroom learning.

Another reason the iPad infiltrated the education market so quickly is because of its ability to serve as an eBook reader—a functionality many schools found useful thanks to a growing shift to digital texts. Plus, many teachers and students seemed comfortable navigating a technology they already used in their personal lives.

But in an age when technology is constantly changing, is the iPad still the best tablet option for schools?

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Meris Stansbury

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