State Approval Allows Schools to Use Online Student Assessment to Evaluate Performance

LAKEWOOD, N.J. – Sept. 12, 2013– The LevelSet® assessment from Achieve3000 is now listed by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as an approved measure of student growth, clearing the way for New York City (NYC) schools to use the assessment as part of its teacher and principal evaluation process. Achieve3000’s literacy solutions are already in use in one out of five NYC schools, and now its LevelSet assessment of student growth can be used to factor into teachers’ and principals’ annual performance data, known statewide as the Annual Professional Performance Review plan, or APPR.

As an approved measure of student growth, the LevelSet assessment can be used by the city’s schools—along with a combination of other test data and measures of teacher practice—to determine teacher effectiveness ratings as part of an agreement reached in June with the NYSED. LevelSet is a key component of a suite of online literacy solutions developed by Achieve3000, which have been shown to double and even triple typical student growth in Lexile® reading levels.

The online LevelSet assessment, developed in partnership with MetaMetrics®, creators of the Lexile Framework for Reading, uses nonfiction passages to provide an accurate and reliable measure of students’ Lexile reading levels. Lexile scores are unique because they measure student reading ability and text complexity on the same scale, enabling teachers to match students to text more effectively.

“Now New York City—and the state at large—has a tool that delivers a double return on investment: meeting the NYSED evaluation requirements, and more importantly, determining each individual student’s precise reading level,” said Saki Dodelson, founder and CEO, Achieve3000. “This allows teachers to provide targeted differentiated instruction for every learner and, ultimately, improves teacher effectiveness.”

About Achieve3000
Achieve3000® is the leader in online differentiated literacy instruction, serving millions of students across the United States. For more than 14 years, the company has been consistently helping students achieve significant Lexile reading gains—often double-to-triple the expected gains, compared to non-users of the system.

Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000 solutions deliver engaging, nonfiction content that supports core curriculum, Response to Intervention, English language learning, special education, and other instructional models. eScience3000® (for grades 6-8), KidBiz3000® (for grades 2-5), TeenBiz3000® (for grades 6-8), Empower3000™ (for grades 9-12) and Spark3000® (for adult learners) are aligned with Common Core State Standards for English language arts as well as New York State standards. Achieve3000 supports 21st century education initiatives across content areas and is raising student performance across the country. The company is based in Lakewood, N.J.

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