SunGard K-12 Education (, a leading educational software and technology services company, has enhanced its PerformancePLUS curriculum and assessment management software with support for classroom formative assessments. Now using PerformancePLUS’s AssessmentBUILDER, teachers can build, administer, and score these tools for assessing individual student needs and adapting instruction to help improve student achievement. Like many PerformancePLUS enhancements, this new tool is free for all current AssessmentBUILDER subscribers.

Joel Hames, senior product manager for SunGard K-12 Education, says this advance responds to expressed needs from SunGard K-12 customers. “Teachers want better ways to evaluate student understanding so that they can meet those students where they are and guide their learning through differentiated instruction,” he says. “Our support for formative assessments can help teachers by providing insights they need for effective decision-making.”

With PerformancePLUS, teachers can build formative assessments from their Class Detail page. After answering a few questions about assessment design, educators can create their own questions or choose standards-based questions from the product’s Content Library. Then educators can print their own bubble sheets or push the assessment to the students’ computer using the Online Assessments module.

Once administered, the assessments are quickly graded and the results displayed in PerformancePLUS to enable data-informed decision-making. Teachers can also review results from district-wide assessments so that they have a comprehensive view of the student’s performance, educational needs, and abilities.

Part of the PLUS 360 suite, PerformancePLUS is a web-based, district-wide system that assists educators with tracking and analyzing student performance against state standards, mapping and managing curriculum, as well as building and administering local online benchmark assessments. PerformancePLUS arms educators with information to make data-driven decisions to enhance instruction and help increase both individual student achievement and overall district achievement.

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