Albuquerque, NM.; Learning, Technology, & Innovation In Higher Education: Beyond The Hype Conference – September 16, 2013 – YouSeeU™, the solution provider for authentic learning with Student Capture™, today announces its participation in the annual National University Technology Network conference.
The NUTN Network 2013 conference brings together innovative leaders within one of the world’s most dynamic, knowledge-based industries as participants’ network and discuss advancements and best practices in distance and blended education. New this year, the program will include an enhanced opportunity for networking, discussion, and reflection on trends and issues determined by the attendees.

In these participant-driven gatherings, presentations are replaced with dialogue among open, generous, connected colleagues. Dr. Jeff Lewis, founder and Chief Learning Officer of YouSeeU will be on hand to exchange ideas on trends and issues as well as provide solutions needed by educators. Professor Lewis is no stranger to asynchronous environments and was driven to innovate through YouSeeU when he could not find an existing commercial solution to overcome the challenges of online learning. Many past attendees of NUTN events comment on the value they found in being able to share and learn with colleagues facing the same challenges they are facing.

YouSeeU, founded by educators for educators, recently released Breckenridge 2.0, the most dynamic of its products to date. After several years of listening to students, faculty and industry leaders, YouSeeU responded to needs with significant improvements to the learning experience.

Robert Rosenbalm, Associate Dean of the Dallas County Community College District and member of the Executive Committee, comments, “The annual distance learning conference of the National University Technology Network (NUTN), will bring together innovative and emerging leaders within one of the world’s most dynamic, knowledge-based industries as we address where higher education is moving and how to succeed. It is collaboration between higher education leadership and technology partners such as YouSeeU that will change the landscape of higher education.”

YouSeeU is currently transforming education in a rapidly growing group of institutions of higher learning domestically and internationally. To learn more, visit

YouSeeU is an emerging leader of educational technology by providing an asynchronous environment centered on student and Instructor-generated video for learning. Patent pending systems are used to conduct high-engagement activities such as oral communication assessment, spontaneous response Q&A, speeches and presentations, and video discussion. YouSeeU enables deeper connections between participants by adding elements such as oral exams, question and answer sessions, discussions and student demonstrations of key skills, resulting in higher levels of learning.

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