Junyo, a leading provider of analytic insights on K12
education, today announces the acquisition of RedRock Online, the K12 market’s most
comprehensive source for intelligence about education funding and grants.
Junyo also announces the addition of EdLights Analyst to its K12 EdLights marketintelligence
platform. EdLights Analyst provides customized analytic tools and services
that educational publishers and suppliers use to identify qualified leads in the K12 sector.
Key Facts
• Junyo is acquiring all assets of RedRock Online, the industry-leading database of
K12 grants and funding.
• Dr. Jenny House, PhD, president of RedRock Reports, becomes a Junyo senior
consultant specializing in funding solutions. Dr. House is widely regarded as the
industry’s top expert on K12 grant and funding issues.
• Junyo also today launches EdLights Analyst to deliver customized analytic tools
and services to its customer base of educational publishers and suppliers.
EdLights Analyst enables businesses to efficiently sift through data to discover
and capitalize on key customer-targeting insights that can drive more effective
marketing and sales programs.
• Assets included in the RedRock Online acquisition include the RedRock database,
sales tools, training videos, searchable archives and extensive library of reports
and market insights. These tools empower K12 suppliers to target financial
decision makers in districts and schools nationwide.
• RedRock Online will be integrated into Junyo’s EdLights market-intelligence
platform. With more than 5 million data points and access to 1.7 million contacts,
EdLights provides valuable research, insights and contacts to help educational
publishers and suppliers effectively target the K12 market. The RedRock Online
content significantly enhances the EdLights offering by providing critical K12
funding data about schools and districts.
• EdLights is the first market-intelligence platform designed to support all levels of
K12 sales, marketing and customer management. EdLights Prospector is a
mobile tool designed for sale representatives to quickly identify prospects.
EdLights Analyst is for corporate environments and provides customized data
analysis and targeting.
• EdLights Contacts provides additional school and district contact lists for separate
purchase and makes all information visible, including phone and email.
Steve Schoettler, Junyo CEO and Founder
Acquisition. “EdLights helps K12 publishers and suppliers understand the education
market, identify their best current and future customers, and bring the right products to
the schools and districts that need them most. We are excited to expand the EdLights
offering with RedRock Online, the industry leader in K12 funding information, as it
brings another dimension of market intelligence to our customers. Our new EdLights
Analyst makes the education data even more accessible through a deeper engagement
with our customers, identifying the KPIs to help them generate more leads and drive
more sales.”
Dr. House. “Dr. Jenny House is recognized as the industry’s leading expert on K12
funding and grant information. Her leadership as a K12 entrepreneur, educator and
school administrator make her an ideal team addition as EdLights expands and continues
to improve how businesses engage K12 schools and districts.”
EdLights. “EdLights is positioned to become the most powerful market-intelligence
platform in the education sector. We enable educational publishers and suppliers to
better understand the K12 marketplace, identify targets and ultimately match the right
solution to the right need.”
Dr. Jenny House, PhD.
“At a time when schools are experiencing financial crises and funding options are more
limited than ever, EdLights delivers straightforward analysis that makes it easy for
businesses to identify more opportunities and close more sales. I’m thrilled to be part of
such a disruptive, forward-thinking team.”
About Junyo
Junyo is a pioneer in developing data-centric solutions with the power to improve
efficiencies and learning processes within the education system. We deliver innovative
solutions that provide unique market intelligence and help make sense of the enormous
amount of data available to schools, teachers and students. Our ultimate goal is to
improve learning by helping ensure the right content and materials are delivered to the
right schools and students at the right time. Investors include NewSchools Venture Fund,
Kapor Capital, and Learn Capital. Junyo is based in Menlo Park, CA
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