Ida Byrd-Hill, President of Uplift, Inc. has organized the Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date to move families through a scavenger hunt of inventing skills and play progression. Every major shift in society has been led by inventions and profitable businesses. Steel, Autos, Trains, Planes, Door Knobs, Clothes Dryers, Trucks, Internet and Mobile phones have radically activated social change that endures for generations. Risk seeking entrepreneurs initiated their vision and changed the world.

1. Andrew Carnegie introduced steel as a lightweight competitor of iron to birth Pittsburgh.
2. Henry Ford introduced the horseless carriage to replace the horse and buggy to birth Detroit as the Automotive Capital of the World.
3. Cornelius Vanderbilt introduced trains to replace the stage coach for faster travel to birth the West.
4. Wilbur & Orville Wright introduced planes to replace ships for faster global transportation and birthed the entire aircraft industry.
5. Osburn Dorsey, an African American, received a patent for the door knob in 1878, providing a mechanism to open doors.
6. George T. Sampson, an African American, received a patent on June 7, 1892 for the clothes dryer eliminating the time consuming clothes line drying forever.
7. Fred Jones, an African American, introduced refrigerated truck trailers transporting perishable food items across the country. birthing grocery stores with products from every point of the globe.
8. J. C. R. Licklider created the ARPANET the predecessor of the internet in 1963 birthing a radical change in every facet of the world.
9. Martin Cooper placed the first mobile phone call on April 3, 1973. In a short twenty five years, mobile phones have radically replaced home phones.
Inventions have changed the world even when people fought the change. Everyone desires the convenience that new inventions and ideas bring. Want to eliminate poverty and upgrade African American communities? Invest family time in inventing as it is the real social activism tool.

Join Ida as she attempts to excite all families to SPARK inventing in their households. She believes there are risk seeking visionary entrepreneurs in our community, who may be selling the wrong product – drugs. They have entrepreneurial talents that if they change the product, they can change their life and our community.

Ida knows this firsthand as she invented Fluke – the wealth building game of accidental inventions. It is selling all over the world, opening doors she could never envisioned. Yes, a simple board game has ushered opportunities in the innovation world into her life. Do you need a new opportunity?

MIT Technology Review reports an Oxford research study that 45 percent of America’s occupations will be automated within the next 20 years. Computers will start replacing people in transportation/logistics, production labor, administrative support, services, sales, and construction. Corporate America is seeking to drive this automation with innovation, which is defined as profitable invention. Invention is an act of creating or producing by exercise of the imagination. Dr. Stuart Brown states, “The advantage that countries like the United States … retain is the ability to invent – to dream up solutions to problems that people may not yet even know they have. Nations that remain economically strong are those that can create intellectual property – and the ability to innovate largely comes out of an ability to play.”

Come play, invent, tinker, make and create at the Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date Saturday, October 5, 2013 2 pm -5 pm. at Techshop 192 Bakery Square Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Techshop is an inventors lab, where prototypes for Square – instant credit card online system, Dodo –iPad case and Embrace – infant warmer, were invented. This interactive play date is best suited for families with students ages 10-14.

Come learn the basic skills that can transform your household, neighborhood and community. Ida Byrd-Hill is looking forward to meeting future inventors who are going to lead the transformation of our community. Space is limited. Register now for this FREE event at:

Unable to attend Catalyst of the Invention Revolution? Replicate the fun at home, school or work with family friends and colleagues. The scavenger hunt app will be posted at October 6, 2013.

Ida Byrd-Hill is President Uplift, Inc., an idea incubator, reinventing cities one idea at time. Utilizing Property (Intellectual) to Lift Individuals From Tragedy. Our focus is to Nurture the Future through inventing. Ida has been recognized by Automation Alley, Associated Press, Daytime TV, Essence Magazine, Xconomy and other media outlets for our projects. Support the Invention Revolution. For more information call 877-429-2370.

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