With thousands upon thousands of open educational resources (OER) available, it can be difficult for educators to locate and choose which materials are best for their classrooms. To simplify the world of OER, Net Texts today announces ready-made courses for math, science, social studies, and English for grades 6-12. These OER Textbook Replacement Courses give middle and high school teachers a quick and easy way to replace heavy, static and expensive textbooks — and bring engaging multimedia content to tech-savvy students.

Net Texts offers more than 40 ready-to-use courses, which can act as a complete textbook replacement or as a framework that teachers can supplement with their own curriculum materials. The courses provide easy-to-implement content solutions for 1:1 computing programs, blended learning environments, flipped classrooms, and traditional classrooms looking to infuse more technology into core content areas.

“The rapid proliferation of OER means educators have more options than ever to bring current, high-quality content to their students. But few educators have the time to navigate and sort through all the options, analyze the quality, and then cobble together the content to meet their grade-level standards,” said Michael Messner, Net Texts co-founder and CEO. “We created OER Textbook Replacement Courses to make it easy for teachers to replace textbooks with free, high-quality OER courses that they can use as-is or customize to meet their needs. With these courses, schools now have a practical alternative to purchasing expensive, soon-to-be outdated textbooks.”

The Net Texts system is a free, web-based solution that provides teachers access to a vast library of innovative, curated collections of OER content. Teachers can then manage and combine the content with their own curriculum resources to create, publish and deliver engaging digital lessons directly to students’ iPads, Android tablets, or computers.

For more information visit http://www.net-texts.com.

About the Author:

Leslie Eicher