SunGard K-12 Education, a leading educational software and technology services company found on the web at, is releasing additional features for its eFinancePLUS financial and human resources management software. New eFinancePLUS functionality can help administrators improve the productivity of their day with an enhanced dashboard that provides key district performance indicators and additional automated notifications to support district business processes. Also, new eFinancePLUS add-on modules can assist 21st-century schools with recruiting and supporting the professional development needs of highly qualified teachers and staff.

According to Todd Smith, product manager for SunGard K-12 Education’s financial products, these advances respond to expressed needs from SunGard K-12 customers. “Faced with increasing demands and decreasing resources, district administrators are looking for tools that can improve their efficiency,” says Smith. “In addition, our clients have been asking for solutions that streamline their recruitment and professional development processes.”

With the new eFinancePLUS dashboard, school administrators can personalize their workspace to provide even quicker access to district processes and documents they need to manage their day. The dashboard features key performance indicators for at-a-glance business intelligence. In addition, more than 20 new notifications have been added to support district workflow. Like many eFinancePLUS enhancements, these features are free for all current customers.

SunGard K-12 Education is also releasing two new add-on modules—eFinancePLUS Recruitment and eFinancePLUS Professional Development.

eFinancePLUS Recruitment is a 21st-century talent acquisition tool that can help school districts increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their hiring process by automating key tasks, reducing data entry, and maximizing the reach of job postings. As districts seek the most qualified applicants, eFinancePLUS Recruitment helps them efficiently manage the process—from the moment the position is requested through employee on-boarding. This tool decentralizes the legwork to hiring managers, yet maintains the quality of the recruiting effort and job applicants. And, by extending position control into the process, eFinancePLUS Recruitment can help ensure compliance with district budget controls and state and federal regulations.

eFinancePLUS Professional Development decentralizes professional development and supports districts in managing the entire process—from registration to tracking. With this tool, school districts can track in-house training courses, publish a course catalog, schedule facilities, and manage the wait list for courses. It also supports external participants and instructors and allows for optional grading and credit for assignments.

Part of SunGard K-12 Education’s PLUS 360 suite, eFinancePLUS features automated workflows and notifications to help increase the efficiency of the accounting, procurement, human resources, and payroll functions. It is designed for quick implementation and provides district administrators with insights into budgetary performance, employee statistics, substantial purchases, and much more. eFinancePLUS also offers web-based self-service options for employees, vendors, and job applicants to help districts operate more efficiently and do more with less.

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